Anything is possible. It's a matter of having the knowledge, time, attitude & persistence. You can manage your health & stay active and strong later in life...

About Us

About Movement Matters

Movement Matters Aims to "I.M.P.R.E.S.S”

The Mission - To Keep People Active and Healthy

Primary Aims – To provide safe exercise programs that:

  • Improve - Improve the physical capacity and choices for a healthy satisfying lifestyle.
  • Maintain - Maintain physical, mental and social vitality at optimal levels (Management)
  • Prevent - Prevent further deterioration in health conditions and physical function as far as possible (Protection and rehabilitation)

Secondary Aims

  • Promote - Promote positive and realistic attitudes and approaches to exercise and ageing
  • Reduce - Reduce physical problems and fears associated with ageing
  • Educate - Educate and provide appropriate information to reduce the perceptions associated with exercise and ageing
  • Support - Support the efforts of people to become and remain as active as much as possible
  • Sustain - Sustain programs on a long term basis to assist the individual retain independence and quality lifestyle