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Extra Mural Experience

Sally Castell – Extra Mural Experience

  1. Teaching at an Evening College (UK)  
  2. Assisted in a swimming club for the disabled (UK)
  3. Sports Injury Experience at a football team (UK)
  4. Assistance with development of Water Exercise Program for East Sydney Health and Central Sydney for Aged and Disabled (WAVES)
  5. Lecturing for ACHPER, FIA and TAFE on Gentle Exercise, Exercise & Chronic Conditions (Age Issues) & Falls Prevention Lecturing on Aqua fitness (Arthritis Foundation)
  6. Consultancy work for a major insurance firm (AMP) 
  7. Conducting workshops on Walking programs, Exercise, Recreation, Program development, Falls prevention for the Department of Sport and Recreation, various health departments and other agencies
  8. Development of Gentle Exercise programs in the community. Many exercise classes conducted over the years for all ages with special interest in developing appropriate classes for special groups e.g. Frail aged, water programs, disabled programs and for people from different cultural backgrounds
  9. NAGE community exercise training 
  10. Multiple talks conducted over the years to community groups on health issues related to exercise
  11. Worked in a consultancy capacity involving a falls project with the Arthritis Foundation as well as presenter at Arthritis seminars
  12. Undertaken 2 webinars for the Arthritis Foundation 
  13. Involved in 3 workshops on fall issues for allied health professionals in association with Prince of Wales Medical Research Centre (re-named NEURA)
  14. Consultation and training for volunteers working in Rural and Remote areas - NSW health  
  15. No falls and fall proof master training 
  16. Assisted with the development of e- book training in relation to the older adult section of the diploma course - Fitness Institute 
  17. Assisted with the development and delivery of the fitness leaders course for NEURA on falls prevention
  18. Private business - “Movement Matters” Conducting workshops and exercise programs in the community for older adults, residential care, CALD groups and people with special needs