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Classes – Safety first

Safety is number one priority

There are many variables and levels of fitness and health of people at the beginning of any exercise program. Everyone is an individual with different needs, abilities and expectations 

Looking after Yourself Matters
Any exercise program should suit your fitness / health needs and expectations…so find the fitness regime that suits you. 

  1. Screening is required for all new participants
  2. A medical clearance for some health issues may be requested

For safety reasons some adaptations (grading) of exercises may be necessary especially those people with a specific health condition e.g. arthritis, back issues 

It is responsibility of every participant to obtain written medical clearance prior to commencement or recommencement in the classes if they have a specific condition that needs attention and needs to be monitored. Please consider all safety issues when undertaking any exercise modality and if in doubt, have any concern s or you have any queries about things e.g. the correct way of undertaking any exercise