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The fastest growing population at present is the older adult; some living in their own homes and others in residential care.  This population is getting increasingly “top heavy”. At the last census 6 million people were aged between 50 and 89 years. People arrive at their 50s with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances. This age group has a diversity of needs, wants, expectations, aspirations, and different prospects of achievement. Some are very active whilst others are more dependent on services to remain independent. 

Falls Prevention and Obesity are 2 major priority areas that are being targeted within the health arena.  Physical activity has been identified in the literature as being a major factor, which assists address these problems.

Now is the time to act to keep this population functioning well in order to remain active and independent for as long as possible and thus maintain a good quality of life
Movement Matters has been involved in training exercise leaders in the metro and country areas over many years to enhance these skills