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Professional Training

Allied health and fitness leaders 

Accredited training programs (as those shown below) are available, which can provide further insight and practical skills 

1.  Falls prevention exercise application issues -on various topics covered e.g. 
a) Actions and Reactions - 3 CEC - FITNESS 
b) Changing bases 3 CEC FITNESS 
c) Feet falls and function 3 CEC FITNESS 

2.  General exercise for the older adult application ideas e.g.

a) “Building on the Basics”. APA accreditation 
b) “Active Fit and Functioning Well” etc. 6 CEC FITNESS 

If you are interested in your professional development with Movement Matters training programs please contact us

“Because of their low functional status and high incidence of chronic disease, there is no segment of the population that can benefit more from exercise training than the elderly” (Evans 1995)

The long term implications of failing to stay strong and well balanced is a reduction in functional independence and quality of life (with a greater increase risk of falls and associated injuries + fractures). Older adults must have adequate strength, balance and functional mobility, which will prevent the loss of body control to maintain an active lifestyle. Specific programs are required to suit their fitness need, abilities and conditions. 

It is important for allied health and fitness leaders working in the area of providing exercise/ activity programs for older adults to gain the knowledge and the skills to provide appropriate programs for this diverse group of people 

Programs need to be designed to improve the function of the physical, the sensory systems and the mental agility of individuals - all of which are necessary to cope with their activities throughout the day. Physical activity programs, which combine aerobic, strength and flexibility components have promising results, which can help protect against the decline associated with ageing.  Research demonstrates that appropriate exercise can decrease the risks associated with falls and injuries (+ fractures)