• Anything is possible. It's a matter of having the knowledge, time, attitude & persistence. You can manage your health & stay active and strong later in life.
  • Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.


Resources developed

Exercise Posters

  1. Graded exercise charts: Sitting; Chair assisted; Standing Lewisham Sports Medicine Clinic
  2. Falls poster - at home Major pharmaceutical company


“Health is Wealth”- Lewisham Sports Medicine Clinic ;“Staying Active - Staying Safe Northern Sydney Health “Mind your Back” Movement Matters “Safe, Active and Able” Movement Matters Functional Fitness and Movement Matters Movement Matters Strong, Straight and Stable Movement Matters Vitality, strength and conditioning Movement Matters

Manuals and Reports

“Falls and Fractures - Beating the Odds”Arthritis Foundation Be active - Stay Strong Northern Sydney Health “Staying Active - Staying Strong”Participant and Leader manualsNorthern Sydney Health NAGE Gentle exercise introductory courseFitness Industry NAGE Gentle exercise certificate course Fitness Industry Volunteer Community leaders manualMovement Matters

Tapes /Videos

“Staying Active - Staying Safe” - audio, tape and video Northern Sydney Health “Basic steps” - PPT, DVD voice over Northern Sydney Health

Other resources;

2014 exercise / health calendar - “Make 10- Take 10” Movement Matters

Work in progress;

A series of charts / resources of graded exercises relating to...; Falls prevention and balance b) Back care c) Use of equipment; Exercise programs and workshops developed over the years for… Organisations, allied health and fitness leader training

  • 10 week gentle exercise for older adults
  • Progressive strength training program in the community;
  • Falls prevention in retirement villages and community
  • Health promotion package on depression awareness/activity;
  • Fit to Function - training of volunteers on basic exercises
  • Maintaining movement- land and water – arthritis and osteoporosis;
  • Balls, backs and balance – falls prevention;
  • Staying in control- incontinence
  • Actions and Reactions- reaction time with falls prevention;
  • Building on the basics - group exercise;
  • Recharging the batteries - cognition and falls prevention;
  • Stimulating the senses- cognition and falls prevention;
  • Changing bases - balance and bases of support;
  • Stronger Bones and Straighter Backs - osteoporosis and back care;
  • Feet, Falls and Function;
  • Falls issues in Residential care
  • Active, Fit and Functioning well- exercise for the older adult;
  • Basic steps - falls prevention in retirement villages (Northern Sydney Health)

Community Exercise programs

  • Staying Active Staying Strong(Northern Sydney Health promotion)
  • Upright and active(Northern Sydney Health promotion)
  • Functional fitness and Movement Matters - general fitness
  • Functional fitness for seniors - falls
  • “Fallproof”- graded exercises to reduce falls risk
  • Strong, Straight and Stable- back care;
  • Move it - Don't lose it- falls and frail aged;
  • Vitality, strength and conditioning - active older adults in residential care;
  • 8 week exercise for older adults at risk of falls;

Training and workshop packages -On request / demand

Residential care

  1. General staff - Falls prevention overview
  2. Activity officers -Falls prevention exercise application issues;

Allied health and fitness leaders;

  1. Falls prevention exercise application issues- various topics covered- e.g. Actions and Reactions; Changing bases; Feet falls and function;
  2. Exercise for the older adult - “Building on the Basics” - Active Fit and Functioning Well etc.;

Community workshops and talks;

  1. Falls prevention a) general overview b) exercise issues c) pedestrian safety etc.
  2. Exercise for the older adult - “Functional fitness”a) the benefits b) know how c) strength training etc.;
  3. Back care - “Strong, Safe and Stable”
  4. Chronic condition management issues e.g.a) osteoporosis b) arthritis;

Post qualification training courses

  1. 2 week course in Prosthetics (Uni. N.S.W.)
  2. Aqua fitness (Healthy lifestyle)
  3. Gentle Exercise (Healthy lifestyle)
  4. Fitness Leaders course (Fitness NSW);
  5. Developing a Healthy Lifestyle in the Community (HMEC)
  6. Community Educators Training(University of NSW)
  7. Good age - Sensitive issues in Health Management for older People (HMEC)
  8. Planning approaches to Health Education and Promotion (HMEC)
  9. Relaxation and stress management (HMEC)
  10. Motivation Ideas and Techniques (HMEC)
  11. Feldenkrais Back Care and Training Programs (Cumberland College)
  12. Train the Trainer (Deakin University)
  13. Methods of undertaking Clinical Research (Cumberland College)
  14. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis Training courses(Arthritis Foundation)
  15. The Ageing Brain, Mind Mapping, The Brain and Behaviour(University of Sydney)
  16. Depression in the Elderly (College of Nursing)
  17. Cert4 assessor - involving training small groups/ train the trainer(NSW Health)
  18. Fallproof - Basic and master training (California State University - USA)
  19. HCA core training (Health coaching - part 1) (Health change Australia)